Monday, October 23, 2017

10/14 Yosemite Miwok Village

Long before the white man came to Yosemite Valley, the Miwok Indians lived there for centuries, harvesting acorns for meal and hunting deer and other animals.  Behind the visitor center, you will find a small museum and a reconstructed village which is supposed to look the way it looked in about 1870. 

If you want to enjoy a quiet area for a few minutes, this is the perfect place.  

This is a bark shelter that was probably used only during the day to get out of the sun or when traveling because it was easy to make. 

This describes the follow photo of a reconstructed chief's house. 

This describes a ceremonial roundhouse, shown in the next few photos. 

It's bigger inside than it looks from the outside because part of it is underground.  The room at the end of this entrance tunnel is at least 25' in diameter, but I could not get in to take photos as it is still used by the natives living in Yosemite. 

It was so quiet back here that a buck was looking for grass.

The next few photos were taken inside the small museum. 

These really big baskets were made for exhibition, not for use.  This one is almost 3' in diameter.  

Ditto for this one. If you filled it with something, you would never be able to carry it.   

Check out this trash monster in front of the visitor center.  I think it is supposed to be a bear, but if you look closely, you can see all kinds of things that have been left at Yosemite. 
I just can't stop taking pictures, but this is my last one.  I have to be out of my camping site by noon, so have to hurry.  

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