Friday, October 13, 2017

10/11 Yosemite National Park - First Day

OK, I know I should have posted this earlier so it would end up before the post on the Napa fires, but I have been out and about sightseeing, so not much time to post on blog!  

This is a great view entering the valley, but you can see how smoky it is.  There are wildfires burning here in Yosemite, but they are not putting them out because they are in areas where there are no buildings, so letting them burn is the natural way to handle them.   

 Something you need to know about Yosemite in October is that it is COLD!  The days are sunny and in the low 70s or upper 60s, but as soon as the sun goes behind a cliff, which is about 4 p.m. this time of year, the temps drop rapidly.  In addition, there are three huge campgrounds, but no electric or other kinds of hookups, so I have to run my furnaces instead of my little electric heater.  That also means burning through a lot of propane, but I came here with a full tank and lots of gas in my tank to run my generator.  Everything except the AC, television, and microwave run off of my 12 volt house batteries, which last quite a while.  My only problem on this trip is keeping my computers and other electronics charged so I can work or communicate with people.  

Lots of really big trees in the campground.  I ended up with a really tight spot so needed help backing in, but I made it.  I think I will be able to get out OK.  The tricky part is backing between the big trees next to my site.  This was made even harder because there is another big tree opposite my site, preventing me from turning my wheel sharply.

I am pretty sure this is a western grey squirrel, but it has a lot more white on it than I have seen on western grey squirrels. 

Like some other national parks, there is a shuttle system.  I used it to go to the visitor center this day and to get my bearings. 

During the summer when it is warmer, a lot of people float down this river.  Just the idea of doing that right now makes me cold.  

I have no idea what this is, but I will add the name when I look it up. 

This is a shuttle map for the valley.  Tomorrow I am going to take a tour bus up to Glacier Point, which I am looking forward to.  It is a long and very curvy drive, so much better to let someone else drive!  

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