Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1/25 Fishing Boats at Gamble Rogers

After two weeks here at Gamble Rogers State Park, I'm about ready to get packed up and leave tomorrow.  All this time, I've been watching the fishing boats out on the horizon, day and night.  Even at night, I could always see at least three or four lit up and fishing.  But, even with binoculars I could not see much of what they were doing, but late this afternoon, one came close enough to shore for me to get some good photos. 

And the best part was that this one had its nets unfurled. When I first saw the boat, I thought the nets were full, but alas, they are empty.  The strange thing is that this boat floated around for a couple of hours in this position, without moving the nets. 

Were they doing some sort of maintenance?  Packing away fish from earlier?  Taking a lunch break? 

The funny thing is that the birds stayed around, so I am guessing they figured there might be a catch with some extra fish for them.


Does the one net that is partially in the water have fish in it? 

Anyway, I rode my bike about a quarter mile down the beach and picked up a fish sandwich with onion rings I had ordered.  Very good food!

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