Monday, January 9, 2017

1/9 Back from Visiting Family

I got back from visiting family yesterday and was happy to find my motorhome where I had left it in the Tampa Airport economy parking lot.  In case you are not aware, a lot of airports have parking for "oversized" vehicles.  I have parked at Tampa at least three times and have always been happy with the security because the lot is paved and lit well.  The other positive is that the shuttle drivers circle around from one of the two economy parking buildings and into the other, so vehicles get a lot of eyes watching them!

So, tomorrow I am headed to another one of my favorite campgrounds--Gamble Rogers, directly on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Daytona Beach and just south of Flagler Beach.  It is nice that the state built the main highway directly overlooking the ocean, so that there are no homes on that side and obviously no enormous hotels blocking your view.  Flagler Beach is one of the very few places in Florida where you can buy a small house only a block or two away from the ocean at a reasonable price.  You can also buy a house on the opposite side of the main highway with an incredible direct view!!

The campground has a lot of road noise because it is built on a very narrow sliver of land, but the ocean views and breezes more than make up for that--except for one huge exception--bike week where 500,000 motorcycles roar up and down the road until very early morning.  The first time I came to Florida in my motorhome, I made the mistake of scheduling my second week during that time!!!  Since then, I have learned not to make that mistake again! 

I was amazed at how many people read my end-of-year summary post.  Hope it gives you all some idea of what this life is like, especially those of you considering full-time motorhoming.

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