Sunday, January 15, 2017

1/13 Flagler Beach and a Little Hurricane Damage

It is extremely easy to really get lazy around here, with the constant sounds of the surf and my view of the ocean and beach!

I went for two long bike rides this day.  This first ride, I stopped at the Farmer's Market and bought too much stuff, so I ended up coming back to the campground and putting stuff away, then going back for a more leisurely ride.  This small town is unusual because it is directly on the beach, with Highway A1A running along the beach for several miles in either direction. 

Being so close to the ocean makes it very susceptible to hurricanes, so it had some damage from the recent Hurricane Matthew.  You can see from the photo below how the pavement is new here and a temporary curb barricade has been set up so people do not park on the shoulder, which is newly added sand.

I noticed a lot of construction crews putting new roofs on houses.  None looked completely destroyed, but many had missing shingles or missing siding in spots.

It is hard to see, but this one had some of the aluminum missing from under the front soffit.  The sidewalk here looks new, as well.

The pier is closed, so I assume some damage there as well.

This was a very nice day for sitting on the beach--slight breeze and 72 degrees!

It was very busy in the main part of town, partly because of the Farmer's Market and mostly because of it being high tourist season. 

This kite had several strings holding it down.

Just a really nice day for sitting outside.


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