Monday, January 16, 2017

1/15 Bike Ride Loop

In retrospect, taking a long bike ride on a Sunday in a high-tourist area was probably not the best idea, even if a lot of the road was not highway.  Actually, the high way had sidewalks.  It was the back residential roads that had a lot of motorcycle and other traffic.  Lots of people just enjoying the beautiful weather!! 

The map here shows my start at the Gamble Rogers Campground where I am staying and the route I took.  Note that the four hour estimate is the walking time estimate.  Frankly, it would take me about three days to walk this route! 

I headed south along the sidewalk on Highway A1A.  It would have been an impossible trip along this very busy road without the nice, wide sidewalk.

This is looking backward after a couple of miles.  The land on the left is mostly nature reserve. 

I crossed the border into Ormond Beach, and this is High Point Bridge Park.  There is fishing here and a boat launch into the Inland Waterway.

 High Bridge Road connects to John Anderson Highway, which is really this pleasant scenic road with lots of interesting homes along it.  Many of these homes back up to waterways and have access to the Inland Waterway and the ocean.

This house looks extremely southern in architecture because of the large porch.
A really young brown pelican.  You can tell he or she is young because there is no white on the head area. 

A "cracker" house.

 And an almost identical cracker house right next door that someone has fixed up.

There were several interesting pairs of roads going to houses a long way away.  Almost all had locking gates, and I assume the houses were on the waterway, which was why they were so far from the road.

Here is another set of driveways.

These photos are taken from the bridge over the Inland Waterway back on the main highway going into Flagler Beach.  This looks south.

The Inland Waterway looking north.

The main waterway is maintained, but lots of little channels go off through young mangroves and other water shrubs. Good places for young fish and birds to hatch and grow up!

I stopped taking photos of the ride from Flagler Beach to my campground because these were shown in the earlier photos I took a couple of days ago.  In any case, it ended up being a 14 mile bike ride--tiring and hard on my arms and shoulders, even with my electric bike. 

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