Thursday, May 12, 2016

5/9 Lake Powell, AZ, Wahweap Campground

Unfortunately, I did not take many photos while I was here.  For one thing, I have been here before, and for another thing, I spent most of my time yelling at Dell on the phone.  Instead of shipping my new laptop overnight to this campground, which was clearly listed as the shipping address, they sent it to Ohio, to the billing address.  The salesman and the customer service people are all in India and seem to be working from scripts.  In any case, every question requires them to go check with someone and then they tell you they will report it and get back to you in 24-48 hours.  

This is the third computer I have ordered from Dell and it will most likely be the last.  So now, just before they delivered it to Ohio, they have rerouted it to Grand Canyon, which is where I am going next and will be for a whole week.  The most irritating part was the last woman who cheerfully tried to convince me I should be happy it was almost to Ohio.  I asked her if she knew where Ohio was and how far it was from Arizona where I was.  And then I got a last confirmation call from someone who told me they would have delivered it on time except for the address change!!!   Grrrr.

Anyway, to more pleasant things.  Lake Powell is such a beautiful place, but there is not much water in it compared to where I was last here in 2010 or 2011.  

Here is my first glimpse of the lake driving in from the north.

Here is Glen Canyon Dam.  Can you see the "bathtub ring" from high water?

Last time I was here, almost this entire plain was covered in water!  

The next few photos were taken heading out of Page on 89 towards Grand Canyon.  

The Colorado River is in the distance, but you cannot see it. The highway drops about 2,000 feet in elevation over about five miles. 

And of course, since this is part of an Indian Reservation, you get jewelry sellers at every pullover. Some of it really looked like nice stuff, but I hardly ever wear jewelry, so never buy anything. 

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