Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5/21 Santa Fe Farmer's Market

I headed to downtown Santa Fe today because I had heard there was a great farmer's market, and I was not disappointed.  Even though it is early in the season, there was a lot of spring greens such as lettuce and early vegetables.  I bought some tiny white turnips, pink radishes, and baby bok choy. 

Cochiti Lake is about 5,500' in elevation, but you climb up to 7,000' when you drive the 30 miles into Santa Fe.  Even though this is New Mexico, and it ought to be hot because it is so far south, the altitude means that those mountains in the distance recently had skiers zipping down them. 

The next few photos are of the farmer's market.  This area is a bit of a yuppie community, so there were quite a few high-end vegetables.

Obviously the farmer's market is in the rail station area.  There is a commuter train from Albuquerque a couple of times a day.

Would you believe the things on this building are completely flat?  The shadows are so realistically painted that you would swear they were real.   

After the market, I had really wanted to go to the historical museum and walk around downtown, but I had parked my vehicle on the street in a really iffy neighborhood and could not get into the only parking lot in town that allows big vehicles. 

Also, streets in Santa Fe are extremely narrow and the crowds were huge because of some sort of family bike ride that day, plus a low-rider car show, so after circling around a bit and barely being able to make tight turns and squeeze through streets, I headed home and breathed a few sighs of relief.  This was one time I wished I had had a towed car with me.

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