Sunday, May 1, 2016

4/29 Fremont Indian State Park & Museum

Woke up this morning after a good night's sleep and headed out for my next stop.  Still rainy and cloudy, with snow falling about 1,000 feet above on the mountains.  Pretty countryside and absolutely NO traffic. 

Found this state park in just the right place for a second night's stay on my way to Zion--only 70 miles from Yuba Lake SP.  It is Fremont Indian State Park and Museum, and here is the visitor center and museum.

I can't do much walking with my back, but there was a short paved loop past some petroglyphs that was easy.

This area was occupied about 1,400 to 600 years ago by the Fremont Indians, who were not part of the Anasazi tribes.  It is impossible to judge the age of the writings on these rocks, but a general rule is the older, the more faded.

View looking back towards the museum.


These are really hard to see, so they are probably very old.

The next few photos show the inside of the museum and displays.

The sign pointed out that the Fremont tribes wore moccasins while the Anasazi wore sandals.

There is a larger campground south of the visitor center, but this area used to be a group camp and has full hookups for a bargain $25 per night.  There are only seven sights and only one other set of campers.  I saw Desert Bighorn Sheep scat but none of the rare sheep, unfortunately.

Pleasant campsite, in any case.

The road out to the freeway goes through a narrow canyon.  Nice.

Notice that the deciduous trees have no leaves yet.  It is still late winter up here at 5,500 feet in elevation!

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