Monday, May 30, 2016

5/29 Taos, NM

Arrived here a couple of days ago, but had work to do.  Today, I decided I deserved a few hours break, so drove into town to the Taos Pueblo.  Native Americans built this structure and have lived here for at least 1,000.  It has been repaired and parts rebuilt over the centuries, but an amazing amount of it is authentic and original.  And in fact, it is still being lived in, although without power or running water, by many people.

This is said to be the oldest, continuously occupied structure in North America.

Cost is $14 - $16, depending on your age. There are restrooms and even motorhome parking.  You are asked not to open any doors as these may be occupied homes. Many of the ground floor rooms are occupied by small shops selling souvenirs and baked goods.

This is a VERY large pueblo! 



After visiting Taos, I headed west past my campground to the Rio Grand Gorge.  It was quite an experience as you will see by the last couple of slides.  In any case, it was worth pulling into the rest area and walking back to the bridge for some views.

This Memorial Day weekend was a motorcycle event of some sort, so there have been a lot of bikers in the area.  No where near as bad as it was the time I accidently scheduled a week at Gamble Rogers State Park, north of Daytona Beach during Bike Week where there were 500,000 motorcycles, but a crowd in any case.  This is the scene around the Gorge. (I was parked in the official rest area to the left of this photo.)

Time to go home to peace and quiet, don't you think?


  1. Do they still charge for cameras at the Pueblo?

    1. No. You can take photos for personal use anywhere except the church. They do ask you not to take photos of Native Americans without asking and getting permission. I did meet an artist's wife. (They were from Detroit, my home turf.) He was painting and she said they had to pay $250 for the permit. I said he better paint fast!