Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2/9 Usery Mountain State Park

This is another of my favorite campgrounds--namely for the beautiful setting among so many cacti.  This is Sonoran Desert, which means it has the big Saguaro that can be 30-40 feet tall and live to be as much as 200 years old.  Check out the two next to my rig and the ones on the left behind me.

This one is a whopper!

Lots of other cactus, also.  This one is a barrel cactus.

 This is ocotillo.  It looks like just dried stems, but up close you can see tiny leaves growing from the stems.  

This is a hedgehog cactus.  Wouldn't want to fall into this one! 

And another barrel cactus right near by water hose and electric hookup.

Found this little guy sunning himself on a rock.  I think it is a sagebrush lizard.

This morning, as I was heading to the store, four mule deer crossed the road just ahead of me.  My, what big ears you have!

And finally, the best part of the weekend was all of the women RVers who met here for a potluck lunch. It was fun to compare experiences driving and living in RVs.

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