Thursday, February 27, 2014

2/25 Picacho Peak State Park

I am headed south and east now, back to Michigan and Ohio, following I-10 for at least a while.  First stop is this state park, where I had not been before.  It is between Phoenix and Tucson, and not too far off the freeway.  Picacho Peak was apparently a landmark to settlers and Native Americans because of its unusually sharp peak. 

The area is not as pretty as the regional parks around Phoenix, but it is a nice place for a few days, and fairly quiet, except for some freeway noise.   It is a little drier and does not have the variety of desert plants elsewhere, but spots are large and adequately separated.

My excitement for today was falling off my bike just before I took this photo.  I was not hurt, but missed out on another photo opportunity of a gentleman coming by on his bike to help me up!  I have bruises and some scrapes, but luckily nothing serious.  I do wear a helmet because the last thing I need is brain damage.  I had let go with one hand to adjust my glasses, and the bike just fell over.  It is a very heavy bike, so no one-handed riding from now on.

Funny thing, is that this other bike rider said he was really impressed at how fast I was riding uphill while he was huffing and puffing.  I told him my bike was electric, which was why I could ride so fast.  Guess I really should not let my secret out.  Bike is scratched in a couple of places, but I noticed that the accelerator control was sticking, which is not a safe thing, as I was riding home.  I put some WD-40 on it and it helped, but I will need to be more careful and will also need to take it in when I get to Michigan to get it fixed.

You can really see the non-stop line of traffic on I-10 in the distance in this photo.
My other excitement for the day was discovering that the mouse I had discovered yesterday, has been into the kitchen drawer where I store cooking utensils and had gnawed on my bowl scraper.  I emptied both it and my silverware drawer and washed everything with dish detergent and bleach.  I have put out four traps, but have not seen any recent evidence of his/her activity.  I am hoping the little guy or girl has jumped ship during the drive from Cottonwood!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm enjoying your travels and campground reviews. Keep posting!