Saturday, February 1, 2014

1/31 Quartzsite, AZ, RVs Galore!

For most people, Quartzsite, Arizona, is a quick stop off I-10 for gas and maybe some fast food.

For RVers, it is the world boondocking center!  The town is surrounded by a lot of federal land and no one cares if you drive your motorhome or trailer into the desert and spend days, weeks, or months there.  There are thousands of RVs parked around the area on an average day, and tens of thousands during RV shows or other major events. 

Obviously, this means camping without electricity, water, or sewer connections, but most RVs are self-contained and there are people who will bring you water and empty your holding tanks.  People show up year after year and meet friends there, so it is also an opportunity to socialize. 

Here are a couple of pictures of people camped in the desert.
If you prefer a commercial campground, there are lots of those also--about one every 10 feet!

Because there are so many RVs, there are lots of businesses trying to sell them parts and new and used RVs.  So you can upgrade while you are here, or get yours fixed up.  I have never seen so many RV dealers in such a small area. 


 And of course, all those people mean there are constant flea markets and people selling things from booths!

Anyway, I had heard a lot about this town, so I decided to go slightly out of my way to actually see it.  I think I will stick to my state and national parks, but it is certainly an experience!

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