Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2/11 Apache Trail

The Apache Trail really takes all day to drive.  Total mileage driving it and returning via Globe, AZ, was only about 110 miles, but at least 30 of it is dirt and one lane!  It starts out looking like just an ordinary desert mountain road.

Getting narrower, but still paved.  This is the first of several one-lane bridges.

This is Canyon Lake Marina.  It is paved, but narrow up until this point, driving clockwise from Phoenix.
I thought it was strange that a lot of the bare rocks were green.  Turns out they have a bright green lichen living on them.
Here is a close-up of the lichen.

Do you think there might have been a boy scout troop camping nearby whose leaders thought this ridge of rock could have been dangerous?

Now it gets really fun!  Not recommended for clean cars or a motorhome.  (I was driving a clean rental car, NOT my motorhome.)

There's the road I am headed for, way down there.
No where to pull over in a lot of places, so I just stopped and took photos through my windshield. 

There was a bit of room to pull over on the other side of this bridge, as these vehicles have done.  Even this was Tuesday, it was fairly busy. 

I did a double-take going over this bridge.  That is a really BIG rock!  Could not tell where it fell from, but it must have rolled downhill for quite a ways.

Can you see the road winding in the distance?  Wish they had NOT always put the power poles right in the middle of scenic views.

Another narrow bridge.

And finally, we reach Theodore Roosevelt dam.  The original dam was finished in 1911, but they immediately realized it was too small to contain the floods.  They raised the height 75' in 1996, but you can see the old powerhouse and another building that are in dark brick.  Would love to see the water rushing from the overflow on the left!

I did not take this bridge near the dam, but I thought the reflection was neat.  Also happy at this point to get back to paved roads!!

It took me a good six hours to drive the 110 mile loop, but it was well worth while.  Felt pretty dusty afterwards.

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  1. Holy smokes! That looks...dicey in spots. Beautiful pictures. I especially love the reflecting bridge one.