Thursday, June 8, 2017

6/6/ Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, NM

Ghost Ranch is a non-profit education and retreat facility owned by the Presbyterian Church.  Artist Georgia O'Keeffe lived in the nearby town on Abiquiu and loved to visit this beautiful place.  She later bought a cabin and some land on the ranch, although she kept her other home as well.  

You can sign up for a week-long retreat that includes classes in various subject.  Tuition includes housing and three meals a day.  You can also go for a day, as I did, to tour the place, eat a picnic lunch, take a tour, and visit the gift shop.  There is both a museum of anthropology and a paleontology museum, focusing on items found on the site.  The day fee is only $5 per person and includes some tours and the museums.  There are longer trail ride tours, but I think I would only do those in much cooler weather!

Whatever you want to do, check out their schedule of classes and retreats here:  It's about two miles off the main highway on a paved road, and in a very beautiful location. 

Some really pretty scenery in this area.

This is the Welcome Center and guest checkin.  Also, the gift shop was here.

One of the many cabins on site. 

I loved this enormous tree!

This is the cabin Georgia O'Keeffe stayed in for a few seasons before she bought her own home here.  Her home is a couple of miles away, so you have to take a trail ride to get there. 

Some more residences and classroom buildings. 

The two museums share a courtyard, so you have to go through one to get to the another.  No extra charge for the museums.  They are small, but very nice. 

Some of the exhibits:

Nice horse, as well!

This cabin is fairly modern and has been used for several movies. 

It was a good two-hour visit and historical tour of the place, but onward to Navajo Lake for tonight!

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