Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6/10 Navajo Lake Marina

A friend came visiting for the weekend to visit and chat.  She lives not to far away in Colorado and participates in a women's RVing forum that I also participate in.  It is so nice to meet up with other ladies who enjoy traveling the way I do.  She had a car, so drove us down to the marina to check out the restaurant for lunch.  The campground is on a bluff near the lake, so the road to the marina is down a steep hill, not something I could tackle with my bike. 

And what a crazy place!!  It was a Sunday and a very hot day, so the place was packed with people down for the day.  The weird thing about this marina is that the store and all buildings are on docks that are accessed by a long floating ramp. 

Not only can you dock your boat here and fill up with gas, but you can also rent kayaks and paddleboards.  

You can also rent these paddle bikes. 

Obviously, these catfish are used to being fed.  

The campground is on the bluff to the right of the visitor center you can barely see on the right. 

Since all they had on the menu were four items, we went into town to get some lunch.  

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