Saturday, June 3, 2017

6/2 Eagle Nest, NM

When I finished my visit to Capulin Volcano,  I headed west to Eagle Nest, NM. I knew there were several campgrounds where I could get a spur-of-the-moment campsite for the night on my way to Taos.  This is actually a ski area at about 7,200 feet, but very pretty in the summer.  

It was a very pretty drive through the mountains, with some storm clouds building. 

Made it in about two hours.  Nice campsite, hardly anyone around, but very chilly.  This is Eagle Nest State Park.  Can you tell why I like state parks instead of commercial campgrounds?
 Actually, here is one type of neighbor you do not get in a commercial campground.

This one was noisily cheeping at something.  
This is the small town also called Eagle Nest, at the north end of the lake.   

This town and lake are in a very high, broad valley.  

There is only a little snow on the mountains right now, but the whole valley will be full on snow in winter. 

Had a good night, with my furnaces keeping me cozy, so off I go in the morning, after a long chat with the volunteer ranger. 

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