Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6/4 Abiquiu Lake State Park

Had a very quiet, peaceful four nights in this campground.  I had work to do, both for the class I teach and in my motorhome, so I did not go out much or do any walking or exploring.  For one thing, it was HOT!  I was happy to do some maintenance in my shower, cleaning out the gunk from the track and removing and replacing some old, cracked caulking.  

Anyway, it was a very nice drive here, the last part along the RIo Grande River.  One thing I did notice was people rafting along the very full river, so I put that on my mental list of maybe-someday things to do. Altitude the entire route, by the way was between 6,000 and 7,200 feet with one pass at 8,000 feet.  And note the rain clouds in some of these photos.  Yes, it does sometimes rain in the desert!

Abiquiu is a Corps of Engineering lake and campground, so it was very clean and very cheap for us seniors. 

I had a huge and very private campsite with a good view of the lake. 

Need to look this one up.

On my way to the Ghost Ranch, which is just down the highway.  

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