Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/30 Midway Campground, Big Cypress Preserve

This has been one of my favorite campgrounds in Florida for over four years for a lot of reasons.  Here are some maps that show where it is located.  You can see I-75 cut across lower Florida and then below it, you can see the old Tamiami Trail.  The red arrow shows the location of the campground.

This is a bit closer and shows the campground (red arrow) and the Oasis Visitor Center (green arrow).

This is a Google maps view of the campground.  My site is shown with the red arrow. 
My campsite.  It is a cloudy day, but still warm outside and with some occasional sun. 
This is the pond the campsites circle.  Supposed to be alligators, but I have not seen any.  
After chatting with the two camp host couples, I walked to the entrance and across the highway.  

When they built Tamiami Trail, they had to dig a ditch the entire length to get enough rock to build up the highway. The ditch is on the left, but unless you look closely as you drive or get out and park, it looks pretty ordinary.

Usually, there are a lot of birds along the ditch in the trees, but none today.  I did see some good-sized fish and one big alligator, but he moved off behind some greenery before I could take a good photo.  

Looking across at the campground entrance. 
One of the three campground delinquents. r
I walked around the loop and first chatted with another solo lady camper. This was her first winter with her new trailer.  
 I was planning on making pasties this afternoon, but as you can see, the sun is really getting low in the sky.  Will do it tomorrow. 

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