Thursday, November 17, 2016

11/16 Sebastian Inlet State Park

I've been here at Sebastian Inlet for three days and am leaving tomorrow, but I have barely gone outside.  The reason?  My legs and arms are full of big red welts from some kind of bug biting me.  I am guessing the infamous no-see-ums, but since I haven't seen them, I can't be sure.  All I did on Tuesday was make several trips to the washer and dryer to do my laundry, a distance of about 300 feet.  I did take a walk to the entrance to take out the trash and get a refund of the last day's camping fee since I am leaving on Friday morning and have an overlap with that campground. 

Sebastian Inlet is on one of the barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean where a large part of the Indian River is connected.  It's a pretty basic campground, but its big draw is that the campground is along the excellent fishing along the inlet.  Here is my campsite--not fancy as you can see.

But here is my fantastic view out of my front window. Lots of boats and an occasional dolphin swimming past.

Now this is an interesting fish cleaning station.  I am assuming the fence is to keep the birds out, not keep the fishermen in.  Sea birds are smart enough to know that where there are people fishing, there are likely going to be scraps.  They probably don't get many fish, but obviously it is worth taking a chance.  On the left is a woodstork.

And a great white egret waiting with the wood storks.

A handful of Florida brown pelicans.

You can see the bridge over the inlet in the distance. There are also fishing piers along both sides under the bridge.  Note the people fishing along the river.

This photo was taken a few miles north, down the highway.  A friend who has a Roadtrek motorhome and I picked up a pizza and brought it back to eat.  Roadtrek is a Class B motorhome, meaning it is a souped-up conversion van but with all the comforts of home.

 On my way out tomorrow, I will park by the visitors center and walk out on one of the Sebastian Inlet piers to take more photos. 

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