Monday, November 7, 2016

11//6 Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

I read about this in some brochures, but was a little hesitant to go on a Sunday.  I ended up going anyway and discovered that because of the local airshow, the place was almost deserted--just how I like it!

There is a large fish pond in the middle--with very large fish and sharks!
They had some turtles in the far end in adjacent ponds.  I asked, and no, the turtles cannot get out and the sharks cannot get in. 

After viewing the ponds and some touch pools near the main building, I decided to go for a walk. 

Can you imagine living in this area and trying to walk through this, as the Native Americans did?  Can't imagine the heat and bugs.

This sheltered from the sun, but not much else!  Again, because I have been so badly bitten by bugs in Florida, I think of how hard it must have been to escape the hoards.

Part of the nature trail went along the bay.  I am certain there was no one else on the walk, so I was glad I had my cell phone to call for help if I fell. Would not want to spend the night here.

Quiz Question:  Who made this pile of poop on the boardwalk?  Hint: Those are undigested berries. Check at the end for the answer.
I was really glad to get back after my mile walk, but this little guy was not too sure of me.

Quiz Answer:  That was raccoon poop on the boardwalk.  I was surprised, but apparently raccoons don't chew their food much because the berries looked like they passed through whole.

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