Sunday, October 2, 2016

9/30 Old Federal Campground, Lake Lanier, GA

This is one of my favorite quiet, yet scenic, places to stay for a while.  I can only be here three days this time, but would be happy staying the maximum of 14 days sometime. 

Lake Lanier is a very large lake created by the Corps of Engineering.  When the dam was built, it filled in a lot of long, skinny valleys, so you really cannot see the entire lake at one time. But that is part of its charm--lots of little bays and hidden coves for boaters.  It also means that this campground, one of many on the lake, is built on long arms so that almost every site is located on the water.  Here are some photos.

The weather was perfect, so the campground was busy even during the week.

I love this site on the right because it is at the base of a long point of land so I have views on both sides, plus I can get a good satellite signal.

After two days, I had to move to another more shaded site on another peninsula for the last day.  No satellite signal, however. 


Nice view, however.  The area is in a drought so the lake level is considerably down, as you can see.  The last two times I was here, the water came all the way up to the grass.


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