Friday, October 7, 2016

10/6 Adventures with Hurricane Matthew!

After we got evicted from Fort Clinch on Amelia Island, I considered several places along the Florida west coast, but decided that the hurricane could turn and even if it did not, winds were supposed to be 35-40 MPH.  Even 20 MPH makes this motorhome rock like crazy and since it is very hot here, I did not want to take any chances.

So, I decided to head for the Florida Panhandle where there would be less wind and more options if Matthew decided to head more westerly.  I drove 240 miles west to Lake Seminole in Georgia, which is just north of the border of the Florida Panhandle.  Very nice place and site!

We planned on staying only two days (Wednesday and Thursday nights) and then heading back east to the middle of the state on Friday.  I had reservations in a state park near Lake City, FL, so I figured we were OK.  Then this afternoon, I got a call telling me that all Florida state parks were closed through the 9th, so my reservation was cancelled.  Also cancelled was a reservation I had on Sunday because that also was a state park.  I also knew the site I was on was reserved for the weekend by local Georgia people.

So, we raced to the campground booth and found this walk-in site where I can stay as long as necessary.  Had to give up our old, more scenic site, but at least we have power here for AC and I can get a satellite signal, which is very important to tracking storm and keeping us entertained.

I have a friend visiting who lives in NY city and has never camped, so I am providing her with the ultimate adventure.  She has a reservation to fly out from Jacksonville Airport on Saturday afternoon, but I have a feeling her flight might get cancelled, so it might be more like Sunday.  We shall see, but at least we are safe, comfortable, and in good weather.

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  1. Glad you are safe and found someplace to hunker down for a spell. Enjoy the time with your friend.