Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/4 Fort Clinch State park, Amelia Island, FL

This is one of my favorite Florida campgrounds because it is just a few hundred feet from the Atlantic and located in a quiet dune area, a long way away from commercial businesses or homes.  That makes the beach quiet and empty--just the way I like things.  I have been here before, but this time I have a friend visiting for a few days.

These next photos are of Fort Clinch itself.  This fort was built at the start of the civil war but never was really part of it. 

Me and my visitor friend! 

Just love this canopy drive!

After the rain we had last night, the resurrection fern is looking alive again.  When it is dry, this stuff just l looks like dead vegetation of trees.  Just a couple of hours after a rain, it plumps up and looks alive again, hence its name.


These are my last photos of Fort Clinch and Amelia Island because on Tuesday morning the rangers came around and told us we had to be out on Wednesday, so we have to cut our trip short.  Don't know where we will be heading next but it will be somewhere away from Hurricane Matthew!

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