Thursday, October 20, 2016

10/20 Crane Point, Marathon Key, FL

I rented a car yesterday, so wanted to do some exploring today.  I had notice the entrance for Crane Point a few days ago and knew it was much too low and overgrown to take my big RV in, so it was my first stop. 

Crane Point, by the way, is named after the Crane family that lived here for many years.  First, here is a map of the place.  The land was originally settled by George Adderley, who had come from the Bahamas in 1903, and who made a living by making charcoal and collecting sponges. 

The land was sold to the Crane family, who built a two-story home overlooking Florida Bay.  The 67 acre parcel was saved from development in 1976, and is now a non-profit nature center and bird sanctuary.  Here is a map of the current nature center and museum.  

Part of the entrance fee includes a guided tour on a large golf cart, which meant I did not have to walk.  Yea!  This road takes you to the newer home and then back around to the old Adderley house.
The light was just right that I was able to take this photo of very well built spider web.  No one in residence, however.
This is a nearby golden orb spider--about 2" in diameter.  I don't know if one of her relatives built the other web, but the size of this spider was impressive.
Some of the mangrove knees.
A view of the bay. 

The oldest house in Marathon was the Adderly House.  George Adderley also built small cabins for several fellow-Bahamianswho he let live on his land, making a small settlement.  
And here is Adderley's own home, still standing.  
It has been recently restored inside and out to reflect how George and his wife lived here. Notice that the interior walls are only half-walls so that breezes could pass through.

 Because the original roof was palm thatch, and to keep it cooler inside, the kitchen was in a separate building, which is very common in the South.

  This fish is NOT native to Florida.  It is a lionfish and very poisonous, and kept in this tank to show residents what to watch out for.

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