Saturday, April 9, 2016

4/9 Not Much Going On

Because I live this traveling life full time, there are periods when not much is going on.  It is very different from being on vacation because I have a lot of mundane tasks to do.  Like the last few days have been spent doing my income taxes--gone through several drafts and been to the local library several times to print off copies so I can review them on paper so see if they make sense.  FINALLY, got them done and ready to mail or file electronically!

I also have been spending the last few days getting the class I teach online ready for the next couple of weeks, so I can just open things and not have to worry about assignments not being ready for students.

And also, I have been packing up and making arrangements to fly to Atlanta to help out an elderly aunt and uncle who are scheduled for some medical procedures and minor surgery.  I am going to leave my motorhome hooked up in a commercial campground so that I don't have to worry about my refrigerator thawing while I am gone.  It runs on propane when not hooked up and I have left it  in an airport parking lot for as long as five days, but I am concerned this time it might be longer, so feel better if it is hooked up and the AC is running so nothing melts while I am gone. 

Hopefully, I will be back to sightseeing and posting in a week or so. 

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