Sunday, April 17, 2016

4/15 So Nice to be Home!

A while back, someone on a forum asked if living in an RV full-time really felt like having a home.  Many of us responded "absolutely"!

I got home tonight after flying to Atlanta several days ago to help out with some elderly relatives who are having medical problems.  And I can tell you that I am SO glad to be home!

First, I used to fly a lot for business, but now only fly about once a year, and I can tell you that it is once a year too often.  It is horrible to pay big bucks to sit for several hours in a narrow seat with hardly any leg room, stuffed in between two other cramped strangers, to say nothing of the experience of packing a suitcase, taking a shuttle to the airport, and lugging your stuff through security and onto the plane.  Yes, I know planes are wonderful in that they get us to where we need to go in a hurry, but the whole process is uncomfortable and tiring.

Much nicer to travel in my RV, where I have everything handy and do not have to worry about packing and unpacking or having to share my personal space with strangers!  If I want a snack, I just have to pull over and find it in my refrigerator.  No waiting in line for the expensive stuff they call food in the airport.

I am really spoiled in that I have my own bed and bathroom wherever I go in my motorhome.  No checking hotel rooms for bedbugs or putting down towels on the bathroom floor to walk on when it looks less than clean. 

Anyway, if felt good to get home, dump my stuff on the floor, grab something to eat and drink, and sink into my comfy leather recliner.  Home sweet home!


  1. Sometimes we feel more "at home" in the RV than when really at home.

    1. But you have spent a lot of your life in your old motorhome! Hope you enjoy your new Class C. Judy