Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/21 White Tank Mountain Regional Park, AZ

I have gotten behind on posting because I have been struggling with a bad sore throat and cough.  Here is some catch-up.

This is another one of the very nice regional parks around Phoenix owned and operated by Maricopa County.  I have been to Lake Pleasant, which is north of here, and I recently posted about Usery Mountain, but I had never been here before, so decided to try it out.

This campground is smaller than Usery or Lake Pleasant and electricity was only added a few years ago, so it is not as busy as those two.  This means it is a bit more quiet.  A very nice drive in. The campground is almost four miles from the entrance, which helps make this quiet.

Nice campsite, well away from neighbors. 

Well, it is quiet except when the "friends" of the park have a craft sale just past the campground!  It was only for two afternoons, but that meant a LOT of traffic on a road without adequate shoulders or bike paths.  And of course, those were the days I wanted to do some bike riding.  I did ride up to the nature center at the entrance, but it was not the safest things with cars passing me with double yellow lines on the roadway.

 Note the narrow shoulders and ignored yellow lines down the middle.

I don't think there is any part of the Sonoran Desert that is not pretty, and I love looking at long vistas with mountains in the distance.

In the distance in this photo, you can see the Phoenix area valley and the smog.  Luckily, the campgrounds are all up a little on the edges of the mountains so air is clear. 

This is a distance view of the park entrance and the nature center/local library combination.  

 Close-up of the library/nature center.

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