Friday, December 11, 2015

12/9 Hidden View COE Campground, Hensley Lake, CA

I have been here before and enjoy the views and the quietness of this isolated campground, north of Fresno, California.  Being a Corps of Engineering facility, it is well-cared-for and has things like paved roads and camping pads.  About half the sites here also have electric.  It was easy to pick out a site this visit because I was the only person there, other than a volunteer camp hosting couple! 

It was foggy the day I took this photos and it rained most of the next day, so these are not the best quality pictures, but you can see how hilly and scenic this area is.

You can see how low the water level is on the lake.  It should be at least halfway up the water intake tower near the dam.

I took this photo at the camp host site, so they were not too far away if I needed help.  The campground also has a gate which is locked during the evenings and nights.  Also good cell service so I was able to get good Verizon internet through my hotspot. 

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