Thursday, December 3, 2015

12/3 Trials and Tribulations?? Hmmmm.

A lady on a forum asked how many of us have blogs because she wanted to read about our "trials and tribulations" in preparation for going full-time herself.  I said I had a blog, but it was mostly to let my friends and family know where I was and to help me keep track of my travels.  (I do check old posts occasionally to refresh my memory in case I want to stay there again.)

Anyway, it got me to thinking.  Do I have a lot of trials and tribulations?  I don't think I have any more as a result of my lifestyle than other people do who live in houses.  Things break and have to be fixed.  Schedules don't work like you want them to, so you have to redo them and change your plans.  Right now, I have been putting off sanding the rust off my driver's side running board step and repaint it.  I have all the stuff, just waiting for the "right" time, whenever that is. 

I always either have papers to grade or a new class to prepare for, but that's something I chose to do.  Yesterday, I went into Las Vegas for some groceries, gas, and odds and ends.  Holiday traffic was awful, which meant even more frustration swinging my big rig across lanes at the last minute, getting into and out of parking lots, and finding big spots to park. I can only handle so much of that, and long driving days, so glad to get set up and relaxed last night.

And right now, I do have something unique to motorhoming--I am camping right now without electricity.  I use propane for my furnace, hot water heater, stove, and refrigerator, and my tank full of fresh water is delivered via a 12 volt water pump, and all seems to be working.  No TV, but I can live without that for a couple of days.  If I need my microwave, I can turn the generator on with the push of a button.  But I am frustrated by the fact that the only two 12 volt outlets I have to recharge my electronics are in awkward places--one in the hall and the other in a closet--not convenient for working in the living room. Need to find someone to install one in front, if it is possible.

My biggest personal trials right now are my hands.  I got my carpal tunnel operated on last year, buy my left-hand trigger finger and right-hand trigger thumb are acting up and causing me pain.  This means it hurts to wring out a dishrag or hook up my water and sewer hoses.

But, all the frustration is easily overcome by the "WOW!" days I have.  Last weekend at Willow Beach campground with its spectacular views of the Colorado River and the Black Canyon were "Wow!" days because that's what you see when you look out your window.  

And today, I am in a campground near Lake Mead. (It would be really close, but Lake Mead keeps moving away.)  I have a view through the trees of the lake and the mountains.  There are lots of little birds running around, including some Gambel's Quail.  And while I was sitting out, one little female great-tailed grackle kept edging closer to me.  Then she put her head down and took a drink from something black.  A closer look when she left showed me that it was the top of a drip irrigation hose!  It had a tiny bit of water on top, and obviously, she knew where it was.  Smart bird. 

And there are real benefits to living in a motorhome: I can clean my bathroom floor with one paper towel.  The sink is another paper towel, and I can do all of my windows inside in less than 20 minutes!!  And if I don't like my neighbors, I can leave.     

Oh, and I can follow the good weather.  It is sunny and with a high of about 60 today.  What's it like outside YOUR window?

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