Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/29 San Francisco Day Out - Chrissy Field

It was cold, but sunny today, so we took a drive to San Francisco for the day.  You do not get very many sunny days in San Francisco!  Here comes the bridge.  Always love driving over this one.  

We had been planning on visiting the California Academy of Science, but the parking lots and building were full, and you could not even get near the place.  So we bailed out of the long line and headed to Chrissy Field, which is the part of the Presidio next to the Golden Gate Bridge.

These are some of the old military buildings that are used for various purposes.

Headed to the beach!

While my grandkids played in the sand, I headed for a walk to the pier and to take some photos.  This is really the best all-around view of San Francisco!

There is a small gift shop and visitor center near this pier, along with rest rooms.

Some signs describing the area, which is a national park. This was originally an airfield and military base guarding the Bay.  Now there are lots of hiking and biking trails.

Great view of the city!!

Telephoto of Alcatraz Island.  I've got to get a new camera because I have spots on my lens that I can't clean off.  Darn! 

And one of the natives, hoping for a snack from the nearby fishermen.

Back across the bridge to the village of Sausalito for a visit to the Bay Model and dinner.

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