Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/29 San Francisco Day Out - The Bay Model in Sausalito

Since we were headed to Sausalito for dinner, my son the science teacher suggested we stop here since we had some extra time.  This is a model of San Francisco Bay that the Corps of Engineering used to measure and predict currents throughout the Bay area.  Now it is a museum.

One of the boats the Corps uses to monitor the Bay.  Another one of their tasks is to keep the water clean, so they use this and another boat to collect trash from the waters.

This art piece is supposed to show that elephants and whales are "kindred spirits" because they have so much in common.  Did you know that elephants are excellent swimmers?  They are also closely related to manatees that you see in Florida.

The next few photos just show pictures of the various parts of the Bay Model.

This photo below shows that while most of the Bay is shallow, it becomes very deep just under the Golden Gate Bridge.  It also shows the large area out to sea where the Bay dumps silt.

This shows a propeller stick in a log!  Now, my dad used to bend propellers from his 1951 Chris Craft in Lake Huron, but never got one stuck like this one is.  I'll bet that boat stopped very quickly!!

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