Monday, February 4, 2013

2/1 Key Largo Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Decided to take a tour today on a glass-bottom boat because this part of the Florida Keys are part of a marine sanctuary because of its having coral reefs nearby:

Key Largo is mostly surrounded by mangrove swamps, as opposed to beaches, as is true of the keys farther out.  Here is the channel that our boat used to get out of port in John Pennecamp State Park.

The photos of the view through the glass ports did not turn out very well because the colors were muted.  When you see photos taken by divers, they are usually using lights to bring out the bright colors, but our boat obviously was not allowed to do that.  Saw a lot of little fishes, tons of coral and sponges, and even some larger fish.

It was not crowded so there were plenty of seats available.  I sat on the lowest level and had a little trouble getting up with my knees.  Worthwhile trip, all in all. 

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  1. My kids would surely love this glass-bottom boat tour. They really had fun in the corryvreckan whirlpool last year. I want to take them here. It is nice because you can really see the fishes and corals under the boat. So beautiful!