Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/10 West Palm Beach, FL

I have not posted much lately because I have been busy doing my online work and visiting relatives.  I had five days without long-term reservations.  I had hoped to get some place down farther into the Keys, but no luck.  The prime Florida State Parks are booked up long in advance, and I did not want to drive too far out of my way up the east coast of the state because my next campground would not be too far away. 

but I found out about John Prince Park near here.  It has a very big campground on a lake, and I was lucky to get a spot with water and electron only on short notice.  The good part was that it was close to one of my cousin's homes, so I was able to ship a bunch of stuff from Amazon to him.  One of the problems with this life is not being able to have a place to get mail and packages.  I was able to get a book shipped to a Fed-Ex Office but had to go quite a bit out of my way to pick it up.

Here are some photos of John Prince Park:

Anybody know what kind of a duck this is??  I don't think it is native to Florida, but a pair of them were wandering around the campground.

My cousin and his wife live in a very nice gated community.  Here are a couple of photos of the beautifully landscaped canals and ponds behind their house:

This photo I took of a cormorant apparently perched on a duck threw us for a while.  It was not until the bird flew off that we realized it was a decoy!

And some birds I later determined were some American coots. They have white bills that are different than the ones on ducks, and have a spot of white under their tails:

And finally, have to show you my cousin's pineapple plant.  They had stuck the top of a pineapple in a pot of dirt, and this is what happened!

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