Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/5 Louisiana

I drove 275 miles today from Beaumont, TX, to Natchez, MS, through the state of Louisiana.  It was interesting to see the scenery change from Texas semi-desert scrub to bigger trees and an obviously wetter environment.  It looked a lot like southern Georgia or northern Florida, except for the cemeteries I passed that had large cement slabs over each one.  I saw some where the graves were clearly on top of the ground and others slightly buried, but all had those distinctive white slabs and markers we associate with St. Louis.

It was also interesting to see signs of the South--for Stuckey's and alligator farms.  I stopped and bought some pecans on the west side of the state right after I left Texas.  I also noticed that the humidity is a lot higher because I do not feel so dehydrated all of the time.

I did not have much time to stop and take pictures, but here is the bridge over the Mississippi from the Louisiana side. I parked right underneath it near the visitor center:

Nice, woodsy campground on a small lake this evening.  As you can see, I am clearly east of the Mississippe now.  No more desert and scrub.  And as I prefer, there are a few campers here, but not too many.  Nice and quiet, but safe, with paved roads and camping pads, so not too much dirt and dust tracking in.  Dust was one thing I disliked about the desert. 

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