Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1 Potter's Creek COE Campground - north of San Antonio

I have been here a couple of days as part of a group of women who own RVs, most of whom are single.  Maybe 40% full-time like me and the rest travel often.  A lot of them live in Texas, but there are others like me who go everywhere and have no permanent homes.  There are also a handful of husbands and one brother of a lady who also full-times.  All drive and park their own vehicles, which are a mixture of Class As, Class Cs, fifth-wheels, and trailers.  Most of the ones who full-time drive larger vehicles for obvious reasons. 

Today, there are 21 rigs and 25 women, plus the handful of men.  We have pretty much taken over this loop of this Corp of Engineering campground that is on a fairly good-sized lake. Anyway, here is what the campground looks like: 

The really strange thing around here are the white-tailed deer.  They are the tiniest deer I have ever seen.  Here is a buck and a couple of does.  They look normal sized, don't they?  I had been sneaking up on one doe, and a man drove by and told me to look behind me.  This group had been following me! 

Except take a look at these same deer next to a motorhome.  This cab is a regular Ford Econoline.  The does are no taller than about 36 inches, and the buck a couple of inches taller.  He was a lot shyer.  Do you think he knows the park is closed and hunting season starts December 1?

We have had potlucks for the last couple of nights, and here are the women:

The deer that hang around the campground are obviously used to being fed, so they are not exactly shy.  As we started eating, the deer came in for a look. 
It got dark soon, and the lady whose site we were eating at decided to turn on her outdoor lights.  Guess who was eyeing up our picnic table?  I have no idea what they thought we could feed them.  I was standing about 6-7 feet away for this shot.

And this one was staring right into my camera, about 2 feet away from the lens.

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