Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/28 High Falls State Park, GA

Haven't done much posting lately because not much has been happening, but here is a summary of the last week or so.
  • I left my son and his family on November 20 and spent three days driving to my aunt and uncle's house in northeastern Georgia.  Stayed at a regional park just north of Cincinnati that I highly recommend (Winton Hills), Norris Dam State Park in Tennessee, and finally a lousy KOA in Cleveland, TN.  (I really dislike the cramped KOAs, but there was nothing else nearby.)
  • Terrible driving through heavy traffic on the day before Thanksgiving, but a much better drive on Thanksgiving itself.  No turkey for me, however, as I needed to keep driving.
  • GPS took me on fairly good roads through the mountains, but the last one was a real challenge with curves and a couple of very long uphill climbs.  My vehicle will do it, but the engine roars, and I hate to push it.  Was very glad to find an area to pull over at the top before heading down.
I spent four days with my aunt and uncle.  I don't get to see them very often, so it was nice to catch up on family stories.  They have a beautiful home in the Smokey Mountains, with views of the Appalachian Trail over the valley on the far ridge.

Then, early Wednesday, November 28, I headed south.  I have to be in St. Augustine, Florida, by Saturday, so that gave me three days to drive about 430 miles.  I spent last night at High Falls State Park, but no photos.  I am now in a state park just south of Savannah, GA, and am planning to stay here two nights, leaving me time tomorrow to walk on some of the nature trails they have here.  Will post photos then.

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