Sunday, November 18, 2012

11-15 Michigan

I am a bit behind on posting.  I spent two days, nine hours on Monday and eight hours on Tuesday, sitting in my motorhome in the Fleetwood customer service facility in a very chilly and windy Decatur, IN, getting warranty work done.  It was a horrible drive from Kentucky on Sunday because of the cold and very strong side winds, but I made it without incident. 

The service facility has a large parking lot with electrical hookups where people having service wrok done can spend the night.  They also have a water refill station and a dump station, which means that since all of the units are pretty self-contained, you can stay an unlimited amount of time, assuming you can tolerate the lack of scenery and the boredom of long days in the service bay.

The good news is that when you checked in at 6:00 am each day, they had a dedicated service technician assigned to you.  As long as you wore closed-toe shoes and wore safety googles, you could go anywhere in the service area, including sitting in your vehicle all day, if you preferred that over the customer lounge.  Almost all of the vehicles being worked on were the very expensive big buses, i.e. the ones costing well over $250,000.  I got excellent service, and they fixed everything I had requested (without even a bit of a complaint) plus a lot of things I did not know were broken.  I did pay for the 14,000 miles oil change and factory-recommended checkup. 

Then early Wednesday, I headed to Dearborn and REALLY enjoyed lunch with my old Ford e-Learning colleagues:

Did some shopping at Fairlane after lunch and then headed down to my campsite in Sterling State Park for the next two nights.  It is REALLY hard to find a place to stay near the Detroit area this time of year as there are only a few places and nearly all of those were closed for the season.  There were only three occupied sites out of something like 250, so it was pretty empty, but very nice along Lake Erie.  Only negative was the bites from something I got on my ankles from a brief walk to take these photos!!  I would have thought all insects would be dead and gone this time of year.

Had two doctor appointments and a dentist appointment on Thursday and another doctor appointment on Friday, then after lunch in my motorhome with another friend, headed down to Ohio to see my son and his family.

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  1. That is one handsome group of colleagues!
    As you can see, we're having a typical slow start to the year so I'm able to catch up on your blog. :)