Friday, December 6, 2019

12/5 Fort Clinch State Park

For a lot of reasons, this is one of my favorite state parks in Florida.  First, it has only a few RV sites.  Second, it is on the ocean and has almost a mile of private beach.  It also has a bath house with a washer and dryer, which I have already put to use running three loads of clothing though it.  

But mostly, this state park has a gorgeous live oak canopy drive.  Live oaks got their name because they keep their leaves all year, and so look "live" in the winter when other trees look dead.  They also are huge trees with branches that spread out much farther than the trees are tall.  Plus, they can live hundreds of years.  Here is the entrance to Fort Clinch State Park.  

I was going to follow this taller motorhome, but ended up going slower so I could take photos.  And I figured he was getting through easily anyway. 

Love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees!  Really makes you realize you are in the true south.

The RV sites are in the dune area very close to the beach. If the dunes had not grown over the past three years since I was last here, I would be able to head in and see the Cumberland Sound and Georgia on the other side.  Dunes are higher than before, unfortunately, so I backed in so I could watch other campers.

Down past the fence, next to the beige motorhome, is the entrance to the beach.

They provide a boardwalk to the beach so you do not walk on the dunes and destroy the vegetation that holds the dunes in place.  Dunes protect the coast from hurricanes, so they are prized. 

This is a prickly pear cactus with fruit.

And some federally protected sea oats.  Big fine for picking sea oats!

And the Atlantic Ocean! 

The ripples on the beach indicate that there has been some strong winds.

And hardly anyone walking on the beach! 

A big jelly.  Not sure what kind this one is, but it was about 6" in diameter. (Just looked it up. It is a  cannonball or cabbagehead jelly. 

This is a commercial shrimping boat with the nets being pulled up.  Check out the birds that are hanging around for scraps. 

The boat was heeled over as it turned and pulled its nets up before heading for port.

The boat looks a lot smaller without its big nets out.

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