Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5/21 Drive to Minooka Park, Wilson Lake, KS

Minooka Recreation Area is a Corps of Engineering campground along Wilson Lake in central Kansas.  When I can, I nearly always choose Corps of Engineering campgrounds because they nearly always are well-maintained and have paved roads and camp sites with electric and often water.  They are also mostly on reservoirs because building reservoirs is what the Corps does!

I had spent six days at Bloomington East, near Lawrence, KS, but took hardly any photos because the weather was lousy and because I got involved with other stuff.  Anyway, this morning I took off for my next stop, Minooka Park in central Kansas.  Along the drive, the landscape changed from farmland to prairie, although everything was still green. Overall, it was a pretty drive.

One interesting thing I noticed along the freeway was groups of people waving flags from overpasses.  Except, strangely, they were only only on the eastbound side so I could not read their signs.  Then at least a mile or more of motorcycles can roaring by--this is just a small sample.  Mostly, they were riding two abreast and waving as they went past.  (It did not seem very safe to be riding at 60+ MPH and driving with one hand.)  It turned out that they were part of "Run for the Wall" and headed to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC.  They will arrive in DC on Memorial Day.  Check them out here:  https://www.rftw.us/

It was nice to get off the freeway and head to the campground. 

Isn't this a pretty little valley?

There is a small part of Wilson Lake in the distance.  The campground is over to the right, against the lake. 

When I first saw these "fence posts" I thought they were freshly cut logs. 

In reality, they are chunks of logs!  I am driving over to the visitor center near the dam in a couple of days and will ask someone why they are using rock instead of wood for fences.  Can you see the barbed wire they are holding up?

Ah, what a gorgeous campsite.  Not only is it huge, but nicely kept gravel with a fantastic view over the lake. 

I like open campgrounds.  Not only can I get better satellite, but I enjoy the distant views. 

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  1. Wow, beautiful photos, beautiful place. I followed you over from a comment on RV Sue's blog. I am 56 and my kids will be done with college in three years, and I am probably going to be RV'ing full time due to lack of funds to keep up a house and also just want to see this great country of ours! I was fascinated by your next post of what you have and how you store it. I'm going to be reading back in your blog now!