Sunday, April 2, 2017

4/1 Old Federal Campground, Lake Lanier, GA

This is one of my favorite places to go to in Georgia, for obvious reasons, as you will see from my photos.  Not only is this a U.S. Corps of Engineers campground, meaning it is well-kept, but I also get a senior discount, so it is inexpensive.  Lake Lanier is one of the biggest lakes in Georgia and was formed by building a large dam and then allowing the large area behind it to fill.  Because the land was hilly, there are lots of narrow coves and pleasant shoreline area for marinas and homes.  

I went for a bike ride yesterday to the day use area, which is about half a mile away from the campground area.  First, you can tell it is spring in this part of Georgia.  The leaves on the trees are just coming out and I found a tiny violet. 

This is part of the day use area.  There is also a boat launch area and picnic area.  
 The lake level is lower than usual, so the beach is bigger.

Nice view of the marina across the bay.  There are quite a few marinas on this big lake.  This one seems to have mostly sailboats, and it was a perfect day for sailing with winds about 10 MPH and temps in low 70s. 

In some parts of the lake, there are some beautiful homes along the water. I would certainly hate to clean some of these big places! 

The campground consists mostly of three long, narrow peninsulas.  This is the first one with maybe 15 campsites, all of which are directly on the water. 

This is the second peninsula. Most of the sites are at the end of this peninsula, but you can see the water on both sides. 

Some very nice sites at the very end of this peninsula, but a few too many trees for my satellite reception.  The ones at the end of great views. 

I like this peninsula because it is more open and I can get better satellite.  My rig is just behind the cars on the right.  

There is also a tent area, so I took some photos there.  You have to climb down some stairs to this tent site, but it has a terrific view and a nice, level tent pad.  There were several similar sites in this area, all with nice tent pads and views.  
Actually, there were also some non-electric sites down at this end of the campground that could be used for RVs, but as you can see, they were not occupied.  This one would have been a bit scary to back into.  It had curbs, but BIG dropoffs on the side and rear.   
 Anyway, it is hard to go wrong in picking a site at this place!  

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