Saturday, April 1, 2017

3/28 Steven C Foster Folk Culture State Park, FL

Here is the confusing part:  There are TWO Steven Foster State Parks.  One is in Georgia and the other is in Florida.  Both are along the Suwannee River!  So originally I made a reservation for the one in Georgia.  Then I realized that that one did not have the museum or folk craft demonstrations, nor did it allow you to choose your own site, so I found a site in the one in Florida and cancelled the other.  The one in Florida has more things to do and roads for bike riding. 

This is a nice campsite I had chosen because it is very large and also open to the southwest so I could get a satellite signal. 
 I took this photo because it looks so much like how we visualize the area where Steven Foster wrote his songs.

This is the museum.
Not a lot inside, but they had quite a few pianos from the era and music playing. 

This is Steven Foster's desk where he wrote his music. 

The park has a bell tower that plays Foster songs every couple of hours and can be heard throughout the park.  

 I thought the detail on the top was interesting. Reminds me of a wedding cake.  
This is the inside of the bell tower. 

There are several craft cottages, but only two were open this day.  I stopped at each and saw the jewelry and leather displays.  The park was setting up for a big antique tractor pull on the weekend, so they were bringing in stuff to sell more than actually making things.

I liked the big loop drive.  It made it easy to ride my bike around because it was one-way only, with not a lot of traffic.  I'm sure the weekend will be very crowded. 

And the Suwannee River, of course. 

I rode my bike outside of the porch to check out the nearby small town and found this building.  I am sure it was a general store at one time, with either more sales space or even living space on the second floor.  Might have had storage area in the third floor attic. Note the art on the side of the building.  I took closeups below.   

And a better picture of the river outside of the park.  


  1. Do you mind me asking what satellite provider you use and what the monthly fee is? I have a permanent home in AZ, but travel a good amount of time in my motor home. There are no satellite packages that work both at home and on the road, so I might have to invest in two separate packages. Just wondering what the damage would be.

  2. I use Dish because they do not require you to sign a contact. Also, it is relatively easy to call in and give them your current physical location so you can get local channels, which includes PBS. I call in quite a lot because I move a lot, but they never complain. My bill is $100 per month, but I get a lot of channels. There are less expensive packages, but I really like channels like the History Channel and Smithsonian. I have heard of people who have a portable satellite and take it with them or leave it at home, depending on where they are. I chose a rooftop model because it was easier. You might want to check some of the forums, such as Escapees.

  3. . Hope to solo RV soon. A little scared but excited. Very nice photos. Informative blog. Thank you.

    1. If you are interested in interacting with a great group of women RVers, join this forum: You have to ask to join and then post a short introduction to get full access to post, but you can read posts without joining. I have met many of the women, and they are a great source of information and help to other women.