Saturday, February 18, 2017

2/16 Midway Campground Again

Yes, been here before.  I post more photos just because it is one of my favorites in Florida--quiet, well-taken-care-of, paved roads, uncrowded campsites, and surprisingly, lots to do in the area, assuming can like birds and alligators.  Just a nice quiet place. 

Every campsite has a palm tree, but this one is especially interesting.  This palm tree has been completely buried by a strangler fig tree.  Stranger figs start out with seeds growing in the crown of a host tree.  It sends runners down to the ground and these runners grow thick and literally strangle the host tree.

In this case, the palm tree in the middle has been completely encased in the fig and is not doing very well.  Eventually the palm will die and the fig will become a free-standing and independent tree. 

I walked my bike across the highway, and here is what I saw under the roadway barrier.  Just taking a nap in the sun to warm up.
I would not ride my bike along this highway on a weekend because it is so busy, but it was OK today and I was careful.  Interesting to watch for birds and alligators in the ditch as you ride.  

I'll leave this guy to his nap.

Along the way to the visitors center is the Clyde Butcher Art Gallery.  If you drive the Tamiami Trail and you like black and white photos of the everglades, make sure you stop here.  They also offer occasional wading tours of the area behind the gallery.



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