Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/27 Clark County Historical Museum

I had to drive the 30 miles into town to buy some sandpaper, so I decided to visit this museum, which was highly recommended to me. It's a nice museum, and since cost is only $1 for seniors, it is a real bargain!  Clark County, by the way, is the name of the county that Las Vegas is part of.

There is a substantial native American display.

Typical indoor display, but this is based on a real shelter lived in by one of the earliest residents.

And I liked their early slot machines!

As I was walking around, I overheard a couple talking about being married 31 years ago here in this chapel that was originally located on the strip. I offered to take some pictures of them, and they assured me it was a planned wedding, not a decision made at 4:00 am!  Nice that some people who got married here, stayed married.  Apparently, Mickey Rooney got married here eight times!

These are all very lifelike mannequins.  It was a little surprising to walk in on them!

 There were several homes on the grounds, each one decorated in a different era.

This was in the house that represented the 1950s.  The startling thing was that I had a record player almost identical to this one.  (Mine had a slightly different wood pattern.)  It had a record player on one side, and on the other had AM and FM radios and even a short wave radio.  I hated to throw it out in the 80s, but it was really out of date.  Gorgeous cabinet, however, even then.

And I could swear that this big TV right in the middle was like the one my dad bought in about 1958.  Sign said it was the first commercial color television.  Pretty bad when things you once owned show up in museums.

The next few photos are of the outside mining exhibit.  Some of this equipment has seen better days, to say the least.

Pretty basic jail.  Looks easy to break out of.

This cage looks a little more substantial.

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