Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1/18 Driving to Las Vegas through Not-So-Sunny California

After another doctor appointment and family visiting, I am finally on my way to Las Vegas.  And, no, I do not like to gamble.  In fact, I very seldom even go into a casino because of the smoke and noise.  However, Las Vegas has some very pleasant places to visit on its outskirts, and I like to go there because of those places. And besides all of that, I just plain like to be on the road and seeing new and old places.

My first night's stop was a campground I have been wanting to visit, Orange Grove RV Park just south of Bakersfield, CA. It is unusual in that it is in the middle of an orange grove.  When you check in, they give you a bag that you can fill with oranges you have picked!  Not only that, but the water and electric only sites are inexpensive.  Most of the time that I pay for a site with sewer, I never use it, so I took this opportunity to save some money and pick some oranges!

It was raining when I checked in, so I waited until the next morning to take these photos.  Almost everyone had already checked out, but the campground had been full the night before.

This is definitely orange season, so the oranges were ripe.  The lower ones had mostly been picked, but I used my stepstool to make me a bit taller.  Ladders are not allowed because they could damage the trees.

The result of my efforts are shown here--more than a dozen California naval oranges, all washed and ready to eat. 
The prettiest part of the next day's drive was over the mountain pass near the town of Tehachapi.

Unfortunately, it was raining here as well. 

It was really, really raining as we drove up into the clouds.

On the other side of Tehachapi, and after a stop at the local excellent bakery, the sun came out.  Can you see the rainbow against the white hills in the distance? 

An overnight stay in Barstow made a short and not-too-stressful day of driving.  By the third day, it was starting to clear as we got closer to Las Vegas, but that was apparently wishful thinking, as it started pouring again just as I got to my current campsite.  More about that in a couple of days.  


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