Friday, January 22, 2016

1/20 Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a scenic area just west of Las Vegas that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  This is a little unusual because it has as many visitors as most national monuments, and also includes a campground and visitor center.  It is very handy to local Las Vegas residents and visitors, so it is a very popular hiking and biking area.

I stayed here for two nights in the campground, but decided not to stay any longer because there was no power, and I burned up a quarter of a tank of propane is just two days trying to keep warm.  Usually, I use a small portable electric heater that keeps me warm enough that I only have to use my furnaces sparingly during the nights.  The temperature, however, was in the 30s by early morning, so it was pretty chilly.  And besides, I certainly do like my television, which I cannot watch without power!!

I took this first photo of people looking at the sign on arrival in the midst of a rain storm. I did not stop in the rain, for obvious reasons!  Luckily, it got sunnier the next day.

This is the next day.  I drove the 13 mile scenic drive.  The roadway is one-way and half of it is reserved for bikers.  Pretty view of mountains.

Some of the rock formations here are red, much as they are in Valley of Fire, where I am going tomorrow.

There is not much inside the visitor's center other than a gift shop, but they have a very large and nicely done area with exhibits outside.  I imagine kids would enjoy climbing these structures, assuming they are allowed to.  Or maybe it is just art??

Note that there are shade covers over all exhibits so you are not standing in the sun during the hotter months.

It is hard to tell from this photo, but this path is VERY steep.  Interesting ancient sand dune formations shown here.

If you look very closely in the distance, you can see the city of Las Vegas.

There was no specific RV parking, but I usually manage to find a spot that I can squeeze into.

Tomorrow, I head to the RV service place to get my water pump checked, have my emergency brake adjusted so I don't roll downhill, get an oil change, and see if they can diagnose the clacking noise I have been hearing in the house battery compartment under my entrance well step.

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