Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/9 Blowing Rocks Preserve & a Lizard Friend

Blowing Rocks is a Nature Conservancy Preserve that is on both sides of the beach highway.  I had driven past it a couple of days earlier, so came back today when it was a little sunnier and I had more time. 

This is the path to the beach on the ocean side of the road.

This is not the best beach in Florida.  In fact, it is narrow and full of sharp shell-sand and seaweed.  Hard to walk on, but nice to look at.  There were a lot of fishermen.

It is unusual to see rocks along a Florida beach.  This place is called Blowing Rocks because during big storms, the waves crash and them throw spray high into the air when they hit the rocks. 

 After sitting on the boardwalk entrance to the beach for a while, I went back across the street and walked the short distance on another boardwalk to the river side of the barrier island.  It was a beautiful and very pleasant day, so I just sat and enjoyed myself.

My entertainment was provided by a couple of small lizards, at least one of which wanted to cross the platform, but was not sure what I was.  He kept peeking out from various places, then hiding and coming back again.  His body was only about 3" long, but his tail was another 6" at least. 

Finally, he decided it was safe, so scurried on his way. 

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