Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2/2 Last Day at Ortona Locks Recreation Area

Pretty view of the river downstream.

I moved down to the other end of the campground last night because I had originally only been able to get the site close to the locks for six nights.  Here are a couple of views of the dam from downstream.  In the foreground is one of two fishing piers.

As I was working online, I caught a glimpse of a big paddlewheeler  entering the lock, so I dropped everything and ran, or almost ran, down to the viewing area on the other side of the locks.  Here is it, with bunch of tourists on the deck watching us watching them. 

I know they can let water in underneath, but for some reason they tend to leave the front gates open to let water in faster. 

And here they go!

How is this for a camper?  They have been in the campground for at least as long as I have been.  I don't think it has a bathroom or water hookup, but it seems to have electric, and I am certain it has a generator!  Check out the AC unit on top.  There is a door on the back, and personally, I think the back area would make a nice patio area.

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