Thursday, February 5, 2015

2/4 Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Jupiter, FL

I've stayed here before.  It is a nice state park with a few benefits, including full hookups, lots of bike trails including being within biking distance of stores and shops, and having a pretty river and wildlife along it.  It looks a little bare because most of the trees were damaged a while back in a hurricane and in the construction of the newer campground. 

This is the river.  There is a boat tour I took last time I was here and will probably take again this visit.  They also rent kayaks, but with my sore hand there is no way I can get into or out of one because they launch from the dock instead of from a ramp. 

The visitor center, store, and river tour area is about five miles from my campsite, which is fine with my electric bike. 

And a not-so-friendly resident alongside the road.  He was only a 4-footer, but did not like having his photo taken. 

One of the burned areas.  They have been working to burn areas to reduce the amount of invasive species of plants and reduce the chances of a larger fire in the future.

They have quite a few biking areas and this was an area for kids to have fun on some man-made hills.  The bike areas were all carefully marked and one-way so no one has a head-on collision.  I prefer paved bike paths, so skipped this one!

This asphalt road was more my style.

I really enjoy exploring on my bike, but I have a rental car planned for later this week so I can explore even farther. 

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