Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/23 Mote Aquarium, Sarasota

I guess I am spoiled after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium so many times, but this one was decent.  One part of the aquarium had the usual jellies and reef fish.

These are jellies that live upside down.  I had never seen these before.

And on the other side of the road is the manatee and sea turtle center.  These guys eat 200 pounds of lettuce and kale each day. 

A hiding turtle.

This turtle has an infection, so part of her shell has been removed.  She is getting antibiotics and is doing better, but will never be released since she has lived all her life in aquariums.

Nice warm day today, but the humidity is almost 100% so I will be glad to get back to the campground and get my AC going! 

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